Rules of accepting and reviewing articles

The articles submitted are subjected to a preliminary preview by the Editors of „GOSPODARKA RYNEK EDUKACJA” quarterly. In case the article is considered obviously unsuitable for publication in „GOSPODARKA-RYNEK-EDUKACJA”, the material is sent back to the main author without a further review.

The articles which are unfinished and prepared not in accordance with the GUIDELINES FOR AUTHORS  (link do instrukcji dla autorów po angielsku) are also sent back to the main author without a further review. However, in such a case, the article can be resubmitted after appropriate corrections are introduced.

The final decision concerning the acceptance of the article for publication, the acceptance of the article for publication provided the corrections are introduced or the rejection of the article belongs to the Editorial Board and Editors and is not subject to appeal. The Editorial Board and Editors do not need to justify their decisions.

All articles submitted for publication are reviewed. The reviewers are appointed by the Editors from the scientific centres with which the authors have no connections. The reviews are made according to the guidelines provided for by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in the document „Dobre praktyki w procedurach recenzyjnych w nauce”, Warsaw 2011

Transfer of authors’ rights

The authors who submit their articles to the Editors shall be fully responsible for the authenticity and originality of their work, in accordance with the valid authorship law and related regulations.

After the acceptance of the work for publication, the authors transfer in full the authors’ rights to the Editors of „GOSPODARKA RYNEK EDUKACJA” quarterly. After the acceptance of the work for publication, the submitted materials shall become the property of the Editors of „GOSPODARKA RYNEK EDUKACJA” quarterly as a publisher and must not be published in another publication without a written consent.

Permission for print

The materials coming from other sources must be accompanied with a written consent of the first author as well as of the publisher of the original publication in which this material was published to re-print them in „GOSPODARKA RYNEK EDUKACJA” quarterly.
As for the works in press, the authors should obtain a written consent of at least one author. The consent should also be obtained from the person who made available unpublished data or oral information used in the article.

Conflict of interests

The editors of „GOSPODARKA RYNEK EDUKACJA” quarterly expect the authors of the articles to have no financial share in the institutions or enterprises which have in their offers the products presented in the article or in any other competitive form. Upon the article submission, the authors of the scientific article should disclose the existence of all agreements with the institutions or enterprises whose products are the subjects of the study.

Civil liability

The Editors or Scientific Committee make all efforts to guarantee the reliability of the information, opinions and statements included in the articles published in „GOSPODARKA RYNEK EDUKACJA” quarterly. However, it is the author, institution, sponsor or marketing company that shall be solely responsible for the contents of the article, informational text, personal data and advertisement. In view of the above, neither the Editors nor the Scientific Committee shall be held responsible for the results of potential unreliability.